Ángel Botello, Spanish-Puerto Rican (1913-1986)

6300147134_5abffe31f7_bÁngel Botello was a Spanish-Puerto Rican painter, sculptor and graphic artist. Botello was born in 1913 in Galicia, Spain. He moved to Bordeaux, France with his family in the 20’s and lived there until 1935. While in France, Botello studied at the School of Fine Arts, where he graduated with honors. He then moved to Spain, where he was accepted at the School of Art of the San Fernando Academy.

At the beginning of the Civil War, he joined the army as a cartographer. He eventually returned to France to meet with his family that was in a refugee camp and would later leave Europe and move to the Dominican Republic. The community of Dominican artists included him as one of their own and many of the paintings created at this time were presented at the Riverside Museum in Latin American Art Exposition in 1940. Botello moved to Haiti in 1943, where he met his wife and artistic manager. He became increasingly recognized. His Haitian landscapes and figure studies are considered to be some of his best works. The Botello family lived in Haiti until 1953. They then moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they would reside permanently.

In the 1960’s, Botello became interested in printmaking after an art dealer reproduced some of his paintings. Botello traveled to Paris, France to learn printmaking techniques. He became well versed in printmaking and graphic design. Some of his best printmaking styles were his linocuts, lithographs and serigraphs.

By the beginning of the 1980’s, Botello started focusing on sculpture. In the last year of his life, at age 73, Botello produced 22 bronze sculptures in large format.

Ángel Botello passed away in 1986 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.