Émile Gallé, French (1846-1904)

Émile-Gallé-biographyÉmile Gallé was born in Nancy, France, in 1846. He is considered one of the most noted artists of his time, greatly contributing to the development of the Art Nouveau Style and movment. He traveled in Paris, London and Weimar after his formal training in art, botany and chemistry. He began producing fine pottery, furniture and jewelry. In 1873, he opened his own glass studio, and a year later, he took over his father’s furniture, glass and ceramics factory in Nancy, France. In 1878, he was inspired at the International Exhibition in Paris by the glassworks of some of his contemporaries. In 1889, he presented his own unique style of glasswork at the Paris International Exhibition. He unveiled a whole new type of glass, including carved cameo and pate de verre work, also new vase shapes and colors. In 1901, he founded “L’Ecole de Nancy.”

Throughout the 1890’s, he created new styles of glasswork and occasional pieces. He employed a team of craftsmen and designers, who assisted on working on his designs. After his death in 1904, his widow continued to run the studio until its closure in 1935.