Emilio Sanchez Perrier, Spanish (1855-1907)

Sanchez Perrier painted landscapes, architectures, genre and water scenes and was renowned for his scenic illustrations of Venice.

Sanchez-Perrier was a student at the school of Fine Arts in Seville and later at the school of Fine Arts in Madrid. In 1871, he resided in Granada, where he befriended Mariano Fortuny.

He took part in various group exhibitions in 1878 at the Fine Arts Society of Madrid and in 1879 at a regional exhibition in Cadiz, where he was awarded a gold medal. In 1886, he received a commendation and from 1889 he exhibited at the Salon in Paris. He won a silver medal in 1889 at the Exposition Universelle and later became a member of the Seville Fine Art Academy.

His landscapes have a photographic clarity and his atmospheric style of painting remains popular to this day.