Federico del Campo, Peruvian (1837-1927)

Federico del Campo has been said to be one of the finest painters of Venetian views in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Born in Lima, Peru, Campo studied in Madrid with Lorenzo Valles (1830-1910). Federico exhibited a “View of Venice” in 1881 in Madrid, which was detailed and exact making it clear that he had travelled extensively through Italy by this time. The main body of del Campo’s work, like that of his rival Rubens Santoro (b.1859), who also painted in Capri and Naples, consists of Veneitan views.

Whether it is his extensive views of the Grand Canal or an intimate view of a side canal in Venice, a street scene in Naples or a beach scene in Capri, del Campo would bring a high degree of technical mastery to the painting.

Federico del Campo’s paintings are collected and sought after throughout the world.