Granville Perkins, American (1830-1895)

Granville Perkins was born in 1830 in Baltimore, Maryland. As a painter and illustrator, Perkins honed his artistic skills studying in Philadelphia with James Hamilton. Mastering both oil and watercolor techniques, Perkins traveled the east coast extensively and created scenes of his native Baltimore as well as New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and Cuba.

A member of the American Watercolor Society, Perkins exhibited both his oils and watercolors frequently at the National Academy between 1862-1889. He also exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy in 1856. In the 1860’s, Perkins moved to New York where he became a popular illustrator for many of the important publications of the day, including Harper’s and Leslie’s Illustrated News.

Devoting his life to scene painting and illustration, Perkins created views of everyday events and surroundings known as “genre” works.

Granville Perkins painted until his passing in 1895 at the age of 65.