Itzik Ben Shalom, Israeli (1945-)

Itzik Ben Shalom was born in 1945 in Hadera, Israel. Shalom has had no formal art training, but has worked closely with many artists since 1967 when he opened a foundry specializing in the 4,000 year old ‘Lost Wax’ method of casting sculpture.

Typically created in pairs, the sculptures are often moveable. The juxtaposition expresses the essence of Ben Shalom’s statement and his concern with human interaction.

Itzik Ben Shalom was selected from among 2,000 sculptors and artists to create a five-meter sculpture, “Lovers,” for the lobby of the new Industry House of Israel in Tel Aviv. Another of his monumental works is featured in the center plaza at the University Business Park in Austin, Texas.

Shalom’s works are found in museums and public venues as well as corporate and private collections throughout Europe, Israel and the United States.

Shalom, Hannas (his wife) and their three children reside in Hadera, Israel.

Artist Statement: “The twentieth century artist has to work primarily within the psyche of alienation. The overlay of modern existence, which seems to be communicated more by electronic media than anything else, denies basic human emotions; love, anger, understanding, all are reduced to cipher. I see my work as an attempt to remind people of a more primal form of humanism. In a sense, I see a need to redefine emotion.”