Marvin Blackmore, American (1965-)

2768694_24a9d29425_bMarvin Blackmore was born in Farmington, New Mexico. At the age of 7, his family moved to Cortez, Colorado, where he was raised in the heart of Southwestern art. Being exposed to many forms of art allowed Blackmore to escape a difficult childhood. During his senior year of high school, Blackmore’s family decided to move to California. Marvin stayed behind to finish school. Blackmore found himself alone and homeless. He would sleep in the weight room at the high school and wake up to leave before the janitors would arrive.

Art became an outlet for Blackmore and allowed him to escape this troublesome time in his life. Drawing allowed him to “make things a little bit more bearable, a little bit better.” He never knew that this interest in art would soon become a lifestyle.

Blackmore befriended a local artist, Manuel Morgan, who sold pottery at a local trading post. He encouraged Marvin to try to expand his hobby. Marvin began creating his own pieces and had them fired at a local ceramic shop. His inspirations began from mimicking styles such as Maria Martinez and Joseph Lonewolf.

In 1990, Blackmore had his first show in Page, Arizona. He traveled to the show with only $72.00 to his name and talked his way into the show by promising to pay the $350.00 entry free after he sold enough pieces. Blackmore’s works were a huge success and, by the end of the weekend, he had sold $1,800.00 and won “Best in Category.” Immediately after this success, Marvin traveled to a large art show in Fountain Hills, Arizona, where he sold over $3,000.00 and won “Best in Show.”

To date, Blackmore continues to create intricate pottery using his own etching into multi-layered colored slips technique. Each pot created is a one-of-a-kind with no preconceived designs before the process begins.