Odoardo Tabacchi, Italian (1831-1905)

Odoardo Tabacchi was born in Valganna, Italy in 1831. He was trained at the Brera Academy in 1845. It was here that he was fortunate to be able to study with other sculptors in Milan, Rome, Florence and Naples. In 1860, he opened a studio in Milan that he maintained until 1868. He then moved to Turin, where he became a professor at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts.

Tabacchi was known for making copies of classic statuary, busts and reliefs. Throughout his career, he created many famous public monuments portraying famous artists, philosophers and religious figures such as: La Peri, Arnaldo da Brescia, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Fiori del Ballo and Count Avogadro di Quaregna, to name a few.