Stephanie Sarris, American (1957-)

Stephanie Sarris is a Michigan based artist who has a Masters in Fine Art from Cranbrook Academy, Bachelors of Fine Arts and Bachelors of Art Education from the University of Michigan. She is currently on the teaching staff at Schoolcraft College and The Art Institute of Michigan.

Stephanie Sarris states: “The theme of my work is genre based environments/objects that I have experienced. The spaces and objects reflect images that have affected me emotionally. They constantly incorporate the balance of structure vs. gesture. The selection of the grid structure is used as a digest to view ideas drawn from a spectrum of personal/cultural sources. The compositions reflect interior spaces that contain various objects and/or spatial viewpoints. The placement of images, colors and brushstrokes connection to rhythm/movement is essential. The element of rhythm is passionate and spiritual through every mark and stroke. Intense hues of color are used to create an all over pattern that is both gesture and calligraphic. The touch is expressive through its vigorous application.”