All information pertaining to the appraisal is confidential.


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Heritage Appraisals offers multiple options to serve you!

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Heritage Appraisals are competitive with today’s market. 


Heritage Appraisals fees are competitive with today’s market. The fees are based on the on-site inspection time, travel time and the report research/writing time. Heritage Appraisals charges a rate of $150 per hour. If required, expert witness services including deposition, arbitration and court appearances are charged at $200 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum. Please give our office a call at (248) 722-4319 for an initial FREE telephone consultation. In many cases, we are able to derive at an estimated quote for services needed based on our initial telephone consultation prior to scheduling an on-site inspection. You may read more about this on our Appraisal Process Page.

Post the initial FREE telephone consultation, Heritage Appraisals charges the below cited rate for photograph analysis which are submitted through our portal or direct email for a review/consultation to determine the next steps in the process. This fee covers our staff's time in preliminary research and proposal creation and is deducted from the appraisal service fee if the project is approved. The fee breakdown is as follows: $20.00 for (1) single item plus $10.00 (per piece) after that. We will offer a custom bulk rate for (large collections) which are bid per project. Consultation services: Any subsequent telephone/email consultations requested/required after the free initial call will be subject to a consultation service rate of $75.00 per 30 minuets for each call/email with a 30 minute minimum per consultation.


• In our office – multiple locations available
• At the client's home/business or location of choice
• By digital desktop analysis (contactless) – restrictions apply
• Appraisals are conducted by appointment only
• Heritage Appraisals conducts appraisals within the continental U.S. In most cases, out of state appraisals will be conducted digitally.

Heritage Appraisals offers multiple options to serve you!

service areas

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All information pertaining to the appraisal is confidential. Access to the report by anyone other than intended users will be granted only with written permission from the client or by court order.